Travel Diary: Journey to Hoi An, Vietnam

From Hue we headed down the coast towards Hoi An, known for its Ancient Town and beautiful beaches.  Hiring  a car and driver to make the 3 hour journey we stopped along the way to visit the Elephant natural springs, Lang Co beach, Hai Van pass and the Cham museum.


Travel Diary: Hue, Vietnam

After my sister moved to Vietnam 2 years ago, I have been desperate to visit not only to be reunited with my twin but also get to explore a new place with a local tour guide. It just so happened my dad was visiting her at the same time and I super excited to see… Read more »

Feature Photo San Sebastien

Travel Diary: San Sebastian

San Sebastián. Donostia.  Surrounding the Bahía de la Concha in the Basque region of Spain, the city is the ultimate vacation spot with a beautiful beach and Boardwalk, the history of the ‘Parte Vieja’ (the old town) and a plethora of Michelin star restaurants.

Feature Photo Milan

Travel Diary: Milan

Milan. The fashion capital and commercial heart of Italy has always been at the top of my list – not only as a model but also for its rich history and architecture. It definitely did not disappoint – I even got to attend my first World Expo (I was not expecting it to be such… Read more »

Feature Photo Cinque Terre

Travel Diary: Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre. I had not heard of the UNESCO World Heritage sites before the trip – though upon arriving to see them I recognized the post card picturesque colorful cliffside villages. Hiking between them is stunning end to end – but it was spending the days laying on the pebbles by the crystal clear water… Read more »

Feature Photo Amalfi

Travel Diary: The Amalfi Coast

When I imagined Italy –  I always thought of the colorful houses built into the cliffside, cobblestone pathways leading down to beaches with crystal clear water, hot summer days, fresh pasta and of course, getting addicted to that sweet, delicious gelato. Nowhere embodies all of these Italian aspects quite like the Amalfi Coast – so I was very excited… Read more »

Feature Photo Plitvice

Travel Diary: Plitvice Lakes

Having had difficulties trying to work out a way from Budapest to Zagreb, we ended up picking the 6 am train as our best option. You can book the Hungarian trains online but only though the official MAV website. We were pleasantly surprised at how nice the seating area was – though the bathroom vented… Read more »

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  • Feature Photo Barcelona

    Travel Diary: Barcelona

    The historic capital of Catalonia is famous the world over as a beach and party destination – but it was the incredible cuisine, unique history and architecture of the city that had me wanting to stay.

  • Feature Photo Nice

    Travel Diary: French Riviera

    Côte d’Azur. The French Riviera has long been a holiday destination for everyone from royalty to famous writers and it is easy to see why – the salt breeze, unique azure hues of the water, the huge port and the long rocky beaches make for a stunning playground. We only had a few days to… Read more »

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  • Feature Photo Florence

    Travel Diary: Florence

    Florence. The city at the heart of the Renaissance is just as enchanting as I always imagined it – an unmatched cultural hub with a wealth of art and architecture. Walk a few streets away from the tourist traps and  you will find yourself engulfed in welcoming atmosphere of a small town, with winding streets and cafes filled with locals. However, it… Read more »

  • Feature Photo rome

    Travel Diary: Pompeii and Rome

    Ancient Rome. It is hard to stand in the paved streets of Pompeii or in the Colosseum in Rome and not be in awe of the achievements of the Romans more than 2000 years ago. From the aqueducts to the architecture, the senate to the steam heated floors, this civilization left an imprint that can still… Read more »

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