Côte d’Azur. The French Riviera has long been a holiday destination for everyone from royalty to famous writers and it is easy to see why – the salt breeze, unique azure hues of the water, the huge port and the long rocky beaches make for a stunning playground. We only had a few days to sun ourselves by the beach but it is one place that I hope to visit again soon!

We took the bus from Milan to Nice. Arriving to the airport, we headed to the train station to continue on into town. Our bad luck with trains continued with another hour long delay.  Sweating buckets and with no news of the train I decided to run a few blocks down and get some water.  I almost make it back to the platform before hearing the train coming – I start sprinting and see Liam panicking that I was going to miss the train.  We made it on board with our bags just as the door closed and we sighed with relief. Finally making it to our hotel after a long day of delays we dumped our bags at the apartment and made a bee line for the beach. I was a little shocked at first to see how popular topless sunbathing was but soon got used to it and even joined in!

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The next morning was more of the same – walking down to the port and along the coast. We knew the rugby game was on for Australian rivals – New South Wales vs. Queensland, and were able to grab a few beers and catch the end.  Rounding the Pointe de Rauba-Capeu, our jaws dropped at our first glimpse of Promenade de Anglais and the long beach stretching into the horizon.

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Heading a block back from the beach is Marche Aux Fleurs markets, a huge food and flower market, open everyday until 1pm. We walked through the markets before stopping at El Merkado for lunch, feeling the Spanish influence on the city having sangria and tapas. Heading back to the beach we laid out for the rest of the day.

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For our last day we decided to take the train west to the home of the worlds most infamous movie festival, Cannes. Jumping off the train, I was shocked to see USA chain Steak and Shake. After so long I was dying for a good old fashioned burger and a milkshake so we decided to skip the fancier fare in favor of the Midwest icon.  We walked down the boardwalk passing all the beautiful beach clubs and I was so excited to get my feet in the sand.  We headed down the beach and decided to indulge and get a day bed. Tanning in the perfect weather, sipping on cocktails and walking back along the shopping avenue La Croisette – I couldn’t help but feel like I got the best experience of the French Riviera.

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We wrapped up our day in Cannes by walking over to the theatre where the famous red carpet rolls out every May for the film festival.  Picturing all the celebrities dressed to the nines, I was excited to be walking in their footsteps.

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We didn’t get to visit the pint sized principality of Monaco but hey – just another reason to come back.

Next Stop: Barcelona

Written by Aimee C